About app

DeskBell is a free application for hotels and your clients. Fill in the hotel, indicate restaurants and activities, announce events and the whole scope of information about your hotel is in the pocket of your client!

Simple navigation system

Maximum information and navigation enables your clients not to miss a single establishment or event.


Clients automatically get all actual information on the held events.


All services and offers of your hotel are in the pocket of your client.

Restaurants and bars

Invite your client to one of your restaurants.


Application functions at iOS and Android systems.


A complete list of activities in your hotel.

Service for hotels

We developed convenient service for the hotel owners and managers.
Our interface allows you to manage the necessary information concerning your hotel.
There’s also possibility to delegate the process of filling in the hotel to us writing to our technical support service.

Our service allows you also absolutely comfortably to fill in your hotel on your own. You need only a computer and access to the Internet for this. Never before was so convenient to fill in the hotel!

  • Location of the hotel and useful telephone numbers
  • Convenient menus of restaurants and bars; categorized and with differentiation of dishes
  • Separate menu for breakfast in room
  • Full scope of activities from the drop list or possibility to add something unique for your hotel
  • Calendar with events in your hotel
  • Inner chat in your hotel
  • Convenient navigation through the map of your hotel


Urgency of information

Updating of all the data of your hotel goes in real time with the help of the DeskBell service. You need to change one or more positions concerning your hotel and within minutes the application will give out the most topical data.

Modern technology

We use the most modern technology and support over 85% of the world mobile market. Our service uses several languages that makes it convenient for filling in the most of the countries. A designed system of adding hotels allows filling in the hotel on your own with maximum rate and flexibility.

No expenses on printing

Nowadays there’s no need to update prices, events and services all at a time printing out new booklets, books and posters. Our application allows you to announce your services and events with the couple of mouse clicks.

Additional income to your hotel

The more the client knows about your hotel, the more they want to spend on additional services available at your hotel. Filling in your hotel correctly and to the maximum extent you could invite a client to one of your establishments for a big event or to visit some new and interesting SPA procedures. All this is available now as never before!